Transit Facilitation Center TFC

TOBBUND has implemented the first step of the Transit Facilitation Center project in Edirne to adapt 10 years of service experience and wealth to the next generation of transit systems.

International road transport companies are able to quickly, easily and effectively complete their transit declaration with the permission of TOBBUND for the first time in Turkey by arriving directly at the Gate, Hamzabeyli and Ipsala border crossings, without spending time in transit at internal customs, without entering Istanbul traffic

Thanks to our modern facility built on 14000 square meters and the authorized sender's authority we have, hundreds of trucks belonging to carriers using TOBBUND guarantees are get out of from Istanbul traffic every day, and Transit Facilitation Center's declaration completes registration and sealing within approximately 1 hours and goes to the border crossing.

Transit Facilitation Center, which shortens delivery times up to 1 days, will continue to be with our TOBBUND movers, who have acquired service to the Turkish logistics sector.

Border Pass Card

Our customers have the advantage of payment without cash by using Tobbund Border Pass Card for their fuel purchases from POAŞ fuel stations. In collaboration with Petrol Ofisi A.Ş., you can buy fuel without taxes in Kapıkule and İpsala Border Gates POAŞ Fuel Stations, and may take advantage of deferred payment through your deposit account. We aim to expand the use of Border Pass Card in all the POAŞ Fuel Stations located in the borders and in Karasu Port.

How the Border Pass Card System Work?

The Border Pass Card is allocated to the driver that enables to set individual purchasing limits. Moreover, the Border Pass Card is interconnected with your export declarations which allows you to track all the transactions about your fuel buying online.

Our customers could get the Border Pass Card free of charge. The card is ready for use with a unique password which is provided right after completing the membership process.

IRU Cooperation Project

IRU and TOBBUND join forces to offer trusted, flexible and transparent services across Europe

You can now purchase TOBBUND’s guarantee (T1-T2) via IRU’s trusted platform