What's in the NCTS Hub?


Submitting a freight notification to the Ministry of Transport in Turkey (U-ETDS) is possible with the technical infrastructure of NCTS Hub. Automatic transfer of required information to U-ETDS sent out with the data obtained from the transit declaration.

Declarations Under the Companies’ Guarantee

Our customers could submit their declarations to customs under their own guarantees via NCTS Hub and its web services along with reports module, status display, e-signature management. Furthermore, automatic ENS declarations are formed using T1 declarations for RO-RO transportation. NCTS Hub allows users to shift between guarantee types, without double information entry.

Bank Integrations

Integration with İş Bank, Garanti BBVA and Ziraat Bank provided via web service, and all payments are automatically processed at the NCTS Hub.

Border Crossing Tracking

The Transit MRN Follow-up system allows you to conduct automatic inquiries about all declarations status.

It's about more than transit transactions

The portal lets you save your information such as a vehicle, driver, customer, consignee, consignor, data etc. You can easily track your logistics data other than the transit declarations through NCTS Hub.

User Authorization

You can customize user account authorization for your employees.

Fast Data Entry

The digital transformation of our paper-based documents provided faster and more accurate solutions. You can digitally update your business partners and plate registrations via the NCTS Hub.

Mobile Application

NCTS Hub Mobile offers you the comfort of managing all transit operations through your mobile devices whenever and wherever you are.

Authorized Consigner

Companies with authorized consigner status can submit declarations to the customs office via NCTS Hub and its web service. Line management is available with all kinds of inquiry including cancellation, status information, etc.

Virtual POS

In NCTS Hub, payments made by credit card are automatically processed into customer accounts.

NCTS Hub Europe

The NCTS Hub is fully integrated with German, Bulgarian, Italian, Romanian, and Macedonian Customs, and you can submit transit declarations from these departure countries through NCTS Hub.

Open Declaration Module

Within Open Declarations module, unterminated declarations within the transit period can be listed and any proceeding related to the notification of customs status can be viewed. It allows you to follow the status of open declarations and other data simultaneously.

Mail Notification System

We offer our customers the option of selecting the services in which they would like to receive emails with regard to the information created based on user ID.

Advanced Reporting & Dashboard

In the NCTS Hub, we provide advanced dashboards providing all the details of your declaration, open declarations, transactions, with a detailed report module displaying invoice details, plate - declaration identification, etc. You can view your reports easily and print out in any format.

Online Support System

You can submit all of your questions through the system and get a quick solution for your inquiries.