Tobbund and TOBB ETU Work Together for Equality of Opportunity in Education

TOBB etü launched with an understanding of education that makes a difference, “Business Scholarship Program 2018-2019 academic year, in all 81 provinces that are in need of financial support successful students at the undergraduate level and by supporting the education of the future aims to contribute to the development of our country. In order to support this valuable initiative, Tobbund provide scholarships to a total of 7 students, including 4 Industrial Engineering, 2 Business Administration and 1 Computer Engineering student.

Halim Mete, president of the board of Directors, chaired by Mr. Izzet Altun Yunus our Board of directors and Mr. Salah, Deputy General Manager Mr. Mehmet Uylukcu and Law and Contract Manager, Mr. Turkcan Ayça, with the participation of our Ankara office on June 14, 2019 a meeting was held with students in the scholarship pleasant.