Istanbul Iftar Invitation - 2019

Monday , May 28,2019, the last of our traditional Iftar invitations was held together with the traditional Great Istanbul iftar invitation of the International Transporters’ Association (UND). Attendance was high for the night, which was sponsored by Ford Trucks. At the invitation hosted by Mr. Çetin Nuhoğlu, chairman of the UND board and Vice Chairman of the Tobbund Board, Mr. Halim METE, Chairman of the Tobbund board, and Mr. Ilker Ayci, chairman of the Turkish Airlines Board and president of the HIB (Service Exporters ' Association), took their places. Mr. NUHOGLU addressed the guests "" we have designed the future of this sector together for many years. Above all, today, despite everything, there is an environment that is still connected, still in close relationship with each other, and after that there is an UND roof that he will lean on every step he will take, and you provided it,” he said. Mr. Halim METE, Chairman of the Board of Tobbund, who spoke overnight, said: "the transport sector is a very dynamic sector, but we are constantly facing pits, but we are overcoming all the challenges with your support and we will continue to overcome them. We are a big family and my wish is for us to grow even more,” he said. Chairman of Turkish Airlines Board of Directors and HIB Mr. Ilker AYCI in his speech, emphasizing the support of the logistics sector in the establishment of Hib, said: “as HIB, we have become a single union that exports $ 50 billion. . In this union, we found ourselves at the beginning of the mission, thinking that Turkish Airlines has added a separate force in the field of transport. For this, I express my separate thanks to all of you,” he said.