Research & Development

Tobbund established the R&D Directorate at the beginning of 2020 with the intent of finding solutions to the needs of the logistics sector by following the ever-growing technologies. Tobbund R&D maintain their projects with a systematic and innovative approach executed by the professional team of engineers, in line with the basis of digitalizing the logistics sector and resort to the lack of technological infrastructure, as well as the scientific concerns.

The main components we prioritize in our R&D projects are our country's national technology advance, green logistics, intermodal and multimodal transportation and the perceptions of “technology for the benefit of people” that came with Community 5.0.

Furthermore, adapting digitalization, which is an important link in the supply chain to the logistics industry under the Industry 4.0 concept, and providing agile, flexible, process optimization and automation based solutions by keeping pace with logistics 4.0 are also included in.

Our ideals include creating agile projects with high value-added national and international outcomes that analyze the needs of the sector in the best way under the smart society and smart transportation concept.

Tobbund has been rewarded with the “World Customs Organization Certificate of Merit” under the theme of "Customs in the Human Beings, Welfare and Sustainability of Our Planet" for its contribution to reducing the time and costs of goods crossing the border with the project of "Software Integration to Foreign Customs". Since our priority is to value people, we will continue to bridge the borders between countries with our technological studies.

Our Projects

Our objective is to provide high quality technological solutions to our customers. In this perspective, our priority is to successfully finalize the foreign customs integration processes in the countries that are parties to the Common Transit Regime in order to reduce the costs of our customers transportations initiated from the EU.

We are actively working on development of new projects with Block-Chain, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Transportation and Augmented Reality technologies.

All of our projects are being managed meticulously by our team of professional software engineers, project experts and analysts. We are inclined to share the outcomes with our stakeholders of the industry as soon as they are implemented.


We have unified the software systems being operated nationally and internationally under a single platform, the NCTS Hub which stands as a core innovation strategy of our Company. NCTS Hub is designed as a set of an ERP-oriented systems, which provide flexible and agile solutions to our logistics partners performing national and international transportation within the Common Transit Regime, which has more to offer than declaration submitting.

This set of systems consist of modules such as transit declaration, customs guarantee management, risk analysis, open declaration follow-up, sub-contractor and license plate addition, detailed reports, credit tracking, U-ETDS, operating with own customs guarantee, and authorized consignor modules.

NCTS Hub bears the purpose of becoming a unique platform for the logistics industry of Turkey in the near future. For this goal, communicating with the EU Customs as well as adapting the new trends in artificial intelligence and block chain technology is a key when serving our customers.

As a first step, the mobile version providing the NCTS Hub's key functions will be available in the near future.

NCTS Hub Europe

Tobbund successfully completed the customs integration projects with Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Macedonia which led to the formation of a customs communication network of NCTS Hub.  

Additionally, for completing German customs integration, Tobbund was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the World Customs Organization on January 26, 2020. We intensely continue to carry out integration projects under the “NCTS Customs Communication Network Framework Project.”

NCTS Hub Mobile

NCTS Hub Mobile Application is a product of a continuous work of Tobbund to improve the business processes of our customers by increasing our service quality. Via NCTS Mobile, you may submit and track your transit declaration whenever and wherever you need on your phone.

U-ETDS Integration

U-ETDS (Transport Electronic Tracking and Control System) is a requirement for the road transport companies to declare certain goods information that is regulated under the legislation of Road Transport Law in Turkey. We have developed a unique web-based user interface integrated to NCTS Hub specifically for the U-ETDS purposes.

Furthermore, we introduced the latest innovation of U-ETDS integration for declaration of goods to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on the mobile platform. 


Following the latest trends in the World, Tobbund collaborates with successful partners of Research and Development in Turkey. By signing protocols with academic partners such as TOBB ETU (TOBB University of Economics and Technology) and Istanbul Commerce University, we aim to contribute to the improvement of the technological landscape by creating public-private partnerships and sector collaborations in the near future.

In Tobbund R&D, in order to train the future employees meeting the criteria of logistics needs, we provide opportunity to the masters and doctoral students to carry out studies for process improvement, analysis, projects, thesis research on the applied fields of logistics. We use bibliometric analysis data to maximize the customer satisfaction and optimizing the source and investment.